01 August 2017

17 in 2017 July Progress

Here is my July progress for the challenge; original list for the challenge is here

See how everyone else has done this month on Meridith's blog https://pomegranateandchintz.wordpress.com

No. 6 Embroidery Angel Mermaid

Class has finished for the summer, I will see if I can continue on my own, this might be hibernating until August 😃

No. 15 Down the Rabbit Hole

I have enjoyed all the hand appliquĂ© on this quilt; it has been too hot to sit at my machine, so I am behind on the pieced borders.  Hopefully it will be quick to assemble them once the weather cools.

I started and finished an EPP Hexagon pocket for my Kindle

Not too bad considering I spent the first half of the month hosting visiting family and the second 'en vacances' ...


  1. I was tempted by Down the Rabbit Hole - one of my friends is doing it in shades of blue - but I thought I ought to stick to getting on with my UFOs! I love the bright colours you have used, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

  2. You have indeed made some good progress!

  3. Your Down the Rabbit Hole is looking amazing! All those perfect flower circles and I'm intrigued by those owls, cute Kindle cover too.

  4. Weather, family and vacations can definitely take away from sewing time. But you still made progress. Good job!

  5. Your Mermaid is outstanding. Both look really hard.

  6. Your mermaid is so beautiful - great work Elaine!

  7. Your Down the Rabbit Hole is gorgeous. Love those colors!

  8. Whoa, Elaine! Your mermaid is So Cool! That weaving at the tail really is intriguing. It looks like that happens at the belly side of the tail, too? And the owls on your Rabbit Hole!!!!! So in love with that. :) This is the project I'll be working on tomorrow. I'm super far behind - need to start the third step.

  9. Love all your projects! I'd say you got a lot done with all that you had going on!